HBCU Buzz Founder Launches His First Cryptocurrency

  • $HBCU becomes the first live-trading social coin within the HBCU community. 
  • Coin holders will have access to exclusive perks, including seminars to learn about the benefits of web3

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — March 14th, 2022 — Luke Lawal Jr.founder of HBCU Buzz and Entrepreneur, today announced the launch $HBCU,his own social token (a type of cryptocurrency), via Rally to educate HBCU students on the benefits of web3. Coin holders will have access to an online campus realm, where they can expound their HBCU experience through learning and gaining access to one of the fastest-growing phenomena(crypto), being able to network with professionals, collaborate on projects, buy limited merchandise and attend courses on web3, and more. Alumni and other supporters who purchase the coin will have access to online education as well and will be able to support the HBCU community, receive exclusive merchandise and support scholarships for current students. 

$HBCU coin will be the first cryptocurrency available to the HBCU community. 

“HBCU students, alumni and supporters deserve the opportunity to learn about and participate in cryptocurrency from a trustable source. 10 years ago HBCU Buzz pioneered a space for Black college news, becoming the  leading news outlet in the HBCU community. In our second decade, we are excited at the opportunity to  educate students and alumni on the numerous benefits and advantages of understanding crypto. $HBCU seeks to pioneer a new space, this time in the metaverse.  As a former student, proud alum, and avid HBCU supporter myself, the $HBCU coin is minted with purpose and consideration for each niche audience.”

$HBCU coin will allow students to gain knowledge about the crypto industry, while potentially building shared value with $HBCU holders allowing alumni and supporters the opportunity to continue their support for and connection to Black colleges, beyond graduation. The goal is to create an online campus experience for students and give them exclusivity to: purchase limited merchandise and receive free giveaways, access events like homecoming, take online courses on the crypto industry and more, participate in virtual screening, communicate and network via a private network, and learn about and receive access to private events. There will be different tiers coin holders will be able to choose from, when purchasing $HBCU coins. Each tier will include: a tailored educational workshop, access to exclusive virtual events, Rally Rewards, NFTs, and exclusive trades on cryptocurrency. 

“As a Black creator, the future of crypto intrigues me. Being able to create one of the pilot coins in the marketplace  for both the educational and minority communities, is a part of my purpose. The HBCU experience is life-changing as is, and I wasn't sure it could be topped, but it just got even better! 

Lawal will be doing a $HBCU coin giveaway to students, alumni and supporters  in his fanbase that have been a loyal part of the HBCU Buzz family. The educational sector continues to drive Lawal to brainstorm ideas to connect back to the HBCU community. He understands the importance of cultivating knowledge in cryptocurrency and providing guidance to younger generations. Students, alumni and supporters can show their support and esteem for the HBCU community and purchase $HBCU coin by creating a Rally account and clicking on the ‘Buy’ button on the $HBCU page. 



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